Differences between entity manager and repositories in Symfony

By duartecancela, 11 March, 2024

In Symfony framework, the EntityManager and Repositories are both components used for interacting with the database, particularly in the context of Doctrine ORM (Object-Relational Mapping).

  1. EntityManager:
    • Responsible for managing the lifecycle of entities, including persisting, updating, and removing them from the database.
    • Handles transactions and entity relationships.
    • Used for persisting and retrieving entities directly.
  2. Repositories:
    • Provide a way to query for entities using a higher-level abstraction than direct SQL queries.
    • Encapsulate the logic for retrieving entities based on certain criteria.
    • Allow for more complex queries and filtering operations.
    • Promote separation of concerns by separating database querying logic from business logic.

In summary, EntityManager deals with the management of entities' lifecycle and transactions, while Repositories provide a structured way to query for entities based on specific criteria, promoting modularity and maintainability in your application.